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HISTORIE: 2019-01-30
FORFATTER: Kyle Mewburn
ISBN: 9788283730432


En spennende fortelling som biter seg fast i leseren - og ikke slipper taket! Huleboergeniet Herman Hule er ute og jakter sammen med faren sin og de andre neandertalerne. De tar en pause ved en strand, og alle sovner. Da Herman våkner, ser han at faren er i ferd med å bli frokost for en sulten sjøøgle: Dakosaurus er 4,5 meter lang, og navnet betyr bite-øgle. Herman vet veldig godt hvorfor den har fått navnet sitt. Klarer huleboergeniet å redde faren fra å bli fiskemat? Han må tenke, og det litt kjapt!

...e gelebt hat. Fossilien wurden in Europa und Argentinien gefunden ... Fossilworks: Dakosaurus ... . Entdeckung und Erstbeschreibung. Die Gattung wurde 1856 von Friedrich ... The Dakosaurus was a species of marine crocodile that was discovered in a rich fossil bed in Argentina. It lived during the Late Jurassic and the Early Cretaceous periods. see Dakosaurus/Builder Dakosaurus es un género extinto de la familia Metriorhynchidae que vivió durante el Jurásico Superior y el Cretácico Inferior.Era un animal grande, con dientes aserrados en los bordes y comp ... Dakosaurus - Facts and Pictures - Pictures and Facts ... .Era un animal grande, con dientes aserrados en los bordes y comprimidos en ambos lados. El género fue establecido por Friedrich August von Quenstedt en 1856 para un diente aislado llamado Geosaurus maximus por Plieninger. ... Dakosaurus is an animal that looked like it was evolving into something else. At one point in time, it may have been a terrestrial crocodile, but it was beginning to adapt to the shallow seas around North and South America, as well as Eurasia. Sorry for this one being so short. I had not enough time to make it longer... (btw I lost the intro LoL. But don't worry, I'll make it again.) NEXT FIGHT: Allosaurus vs Daspletosaurus. Dakosaurus was a carnivore that spent much, if not all, its life out at sea. The extent of its adaptation to a marine lifestyle means that it is most likely that it mated at sea, but since no eggs or nests have been discovered that have been referred to Dakosaurus, whether it gave birth to live young at sea like dolphins and ichthyosaurs or came ashore like turtles is not known. Dakosaurus is a reptile in Additional Creatures. Dakosaurus, despite looking like a small Mosasaur, is actually a type of fully aquatic crocodile. Adapted to the island's rivers and waterways, it is able to travel between them by hauling itself on land, or sometimes clear jumping out of the water! It will often use this to snag aerial prey flying over the water, grabbing them and dragging them ... Dakosaurus was a fierce marine predator. With a skull like that of a carnivorous dinosaur and large, jagged teeth, it had a powerful bite that could slice through the flesh of other marine reptiles and crunch the shells of ammonites (prehistoric molluscs). Dakosaurus andiniensis.A crocodyle of the Metriorhynchi...