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HISTORIE: 2017-08-28
ISBN: 9788202566296


Teachers and students in the Nordic and Baltic countries more commonly use mathematics textbooks than elsewhere. Thus, studies on textbooks are highly important in order to find ways to improve the quality of mathematics textbooks. The network for research on mathematics textbooks in the Nordic and Baltic countries has produced a number of such studies and several of them are reported in this book. The conclusions of the studies are of value for teachers, policy makers, curriculum creators, teacher educators, student teachers and for improving of the learning of mathematics at all levels of study. The authors are well-established researchers and academic teachers and well acquainted with mathematics teaching in school. Their work and reports build on both empirical experiences and scientific studies. What they present clearly shows that there is a great potential to improve mathematics textbooks and thus ease the learning of mathematics for pupils.

...atics are presented. Firstly, a method to collect data on student's use of mathematics textbooks is introduced ... A review and content analysis of mathematics textbooks in ... ... . It is explicated, that this method is capable to explore the actual use of the mathematics textbook by students, and a way of recording the use of ... We use cookies to offer you a better experience, personalize content, tailor advertising, provide social media features, and better understand the use of our services. When Tim Oates, one of the world's foremost experts on the school curriculum, ... teachers use maths textboo ... Mathematics textbooks, their content, use and influences ... ... . When Tim Oates, one of the world's foremost experts on the school curriculum, ... teachers use maths textbooks as the basis for their teaching compared to 70% in Singapore and 95% ... We have known for some time that school mathematics textbooks are one element of the English mathematics 'problem'. textbooks and the factors that influence their decision to use them in mathematics lessons. Findings suggest that teachers' decisions to use textbooks in mathematics are influenced by external factors, the teachers' perceived educational value of textbooks and, the teachers' personal confidence and competence to teach mathematics. Teachers use them daily to plan and deliver lessons; students work exercises in them and carry them home, conveying to parents the activity of the mathematics classroom. In 2001-2002, K-12 school districts spent more than $4 billion on textbooks (Education Market Research, 2002), making it one of the largest school expenditures, with the exception of teacher salaries. As part of his research, Taylor studied elementary students' understanding of mathematics in a lower-income African-American community. These students often stopped at the corner store after school to purchase snacks. Based on their use of money in this setting, Taylor found that the children showed a variety of mathematical understandings. what influences teachers' uses of textbooks and how use varies among teachers. Based on their analyses of existing data and experimental studies, the World Bank researchers are concluding that textbooks make more of an impact on student Corpus ID: 179053633. Teaching Mathematics with Textbooks A Classroom and Curricular Perspective @inproceedings{Johansson2006TeachingMW, title={Teaching Mathematics with Textbooks A Classroom and Curricular Perspective}, author={Monica Johansson}, year={2006} } students regarding impact of textbooks on their achievements. In case of Lockheed et al (1986), they explored the effects of mathematics textbooks on student achievements but they did not explore students' views. Moreover, their definition of student achievement was limited to test scores only. We selected six textbooks typically used in mathematics content courses for elementary teachers; these are listed in Table 1. Both McCrory (2006) and NCTQ (2008) analyzed earlier editions of five. These were the five most commonly-used textbooks in mathematics courses for elementary teachers (NCTQ 2008, p. 36). Content-Area Literacy: Mathematics By: Carol Lee and Anika Spratley. Of all the academic disciplines taught in middle and high school, the one we least expect to entail reading extended texts is in mathematics, but math texts present special literacy problems and challenges for young readers. textbooks in all participating countries for TIMSS Populations 1 and 2 (essentially fourth and eighth grade) and for the specialized content (e.g., calculus and advanced mathematics, and physics) of Population 3 (the end New studies suggest choice of curriculum and textbooks can make a big difference for students The idea that schools can get better simply by improving the content of what they teach may seem at once novel and obvious in an education policy debate dominated by heated battles over school choice, integration, funding, and teacher tenure....