A note of thanks…..

We would like to express our gratitude to the many people/departments who have helped make this resource possible. The National Technical Institute for the Deaf awarded an Innovation Grant to the principal investigators, Sarah Cannon, Miriam Lerner, and Sarah Schneckenburger in October, 2014. In 2015 we were given additional funds to expand this site, as well as to create other content primers which will be added as soon as they are ready !! Without this money the project would not exist.  Rico Peterson, Assistant Dean and Director of the Department of Access Services at NTID/RIT provided advice and encouragement during the drafting process for the grant and subsequent funding streams.  Over the years, the RIT Department of Philosophy professors have often met with interpreters and worked with us as we have struggled to understand and render clear messages in ASL to Deaf students taking their classes, and we thank them for their patience and enthusiasm for this project.  Sarah, Miriam, and Sarah are staff interpreters on the Liberal Arts Core Team at NTID/RIT, and our manager Chris Felo and scheduler Colleen Freeman provided flexibility in schedules for the one-week translation “boot camp” to be our priority. A former staff interpreter, Billie Ridout, worked hard on earlier attempts to produce a site such as this one, and we extend thanks for those efforts. Last, but certainly not least,  student workers Brandy Golembeski, Wanya Jefferson, Jessica Sanders, Shannon Tracy, and Amalia Van Hall provided much-needed and appreciated technical assistance in transferring, loading, and converting videos.  We are indebted to you all !

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