Patrick Graybill

I’m Patrick Graybill. I was born deaf, and my first language is ASL. I have been in the world of translation in so many ways -theater, bible, teaching translation…. I really enjoy translation !

2 thoughts on “Patrick Graybill”

  1. My name is Samantha, and although I am hearing, I attend a Deaf church. I have a question about the ASL Bible. In an effort to improve my ASL and to see the Bible in a different light, I have been watching through the Gospel of Mark on the Deaf Bible app. I love it– I am realizing connections I had never understood before. Thank you so much for your work in translating that book! My question relates to the use of the ASL Bible among Deaf Christians though. I noticed at my church that most Deaf people tend to use the English version of the Bible. Those who do use a signed version are generally from Kenya. Even strong Deaf Christians at my church prefer the English version. Why do you think some Deaf Christians choose to use the English Bible? What percentage of Deaf Christians do you think use the ASL Bible?


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